Yanga Sobetwa reveals why she has decided not to write matric exams : IdolsSA season 14 winner

Yanga Sobetwa reveals why she has decided not to write matric exams : IdolsSA season 14 winner

Idols SA season 14 winner Yanga will not be writing her matric exams with the class of 2019 because of her immensely busy schedule.

Following reports that she “regrets not writing her matric exams this year”, Yanga took to her Twitter account to clarify that she never said or implied that she has any regrets about putting her studies on hold.

Speaking to DRUM, Yanga explained that she was doing her matric this year at Rhodes High school and for the first six months this year she wrote two or three examinations, but she was under immense pressure because she was also recording her album.

“I was recording my album Promised Land, doing PR tours, gigs and traveling and that demanded a lot, so I couldn’t be 100% productive on all of those things including school work,” she said.

“That is why my parents and teachers recommended that I separate my subjects, do three subjects next year in June and the rest in December 2020.”

The young Idols star said she got the support she needed from her high school and they had an arrangement on how she would juggle her career with her schoolwork.

“My teachers sent me my assignments and my responsibility was to do them. The only problem was that some of them needed me to be physically at school and I missed out on class tests which were going to contribute to my final marks.”

Since she dropped her album in May this year the 18-year-old told DRUM that her album hit number one on the iTunes charts and that right now, they are on the way to selling 10 000 copies before the end of the year.

Yanga also explained how the she felt about being trolled on social media following the reports about her studies.

“To be honest I laughed when I saw the article, I wasn’t fazed at all. I wasn’t going to say anything but for the sake of my supporters I had to clear the air. I am very young and I believe respect is earned. The newspaper headline said that I regret taking a break from my matric, which I never did, it was a decision that was taken by my parents and teachers for my mental well-being.”

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