“I’VE healed and I moved on a long time ago.”

“I’VE healed and I moved on a long time ago.”

“I’VE healed and I moved on a long time ago.”

This was what Lady Zamar recently told the SunTeam after causing a stir on Twitter.

Last Tuesday, she posted a series of tweets sharing her experience with abuse and sexual assault in a past relationship. Although she shared a lot of details, she didn’t give the person’s name and said she was not accusing anyone.

Speaking to Daily Sun, she said: “I said what I said and it is what I experienced. I put it up on Twitter and there’s nothing more to it. I’m not accusing anyone. I did not mean to hurt anyone or attack anyone’s name. Otherwise, I appreciate the support I received.

“I believe it’s important to understand abuse, accept it and make peace with it. If you want to go further with it, it’s entirely your decision.”

Lady Zamar said she posted the tweets because a lot of women experienced abuse every day. “Too many women have been victimised and I want them to understand it’s not their fault,” she said.

“My purpose is to help young girls understand abuse and fight it head on. I’ve been doing these motivational talks for longer than I’ve been a musician,” she said.

“My message is that you should not allow anyone to take away your identity. No one should label you or rewrite your story and define your emotions.”


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